Home Ownership


Stephanie, 26, began with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville in summer of 2017. Stephanie heard about Habitat for Humanity from her friends and family and was encouraged to apply to the homeownership program. Stephanie is a graduate of Central High School and is currently taking classes at JCC. For the past two years, Stephanie has been working at Audubon Hospital as a Patient Care Associate. What she likes most about her job is taking care of the patients and working in the healthcare industry.

The center of Stephanie’s world is her ten-year-old daughter, Auttumn. Together, the two enjoy arts & crafts, swimming and playing outdoors. Stephanie is proud of her many accomplishments, which include becoming a mother, working in the healthcare industry and being accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program.

Stephanie wanted to become a homeowner for her daughter, Auttumn. She says, “I am motivated to become a homeowner because I want to teach my daughter that she can be great. My mother was a single parent and she now owns her own home. I aspire to be great like her.” The word “home” to Stephanie means “love, joy and wonderful memories. It is a place where you can be free and happy!” When she opened her Habitat acceptance letter, Stephanie said, “I felt joy, excitement but I am also a bit nervous. Overall though, I am beyond happy and so ready to start this new challenge.”

To Semonin Realtors and all of the volunteers who will help build Stephanie and Auttumn’s home, Stephanie shared the following message: “I am grateful and very, very thankful for all that you have done and will do for my family. Words cannot express my pure joy and respect for you. God bless you.”

The first thing that Stephanie wants to do when she moves in is “run around each room screaming. Then, I want to begin finding the perfect items to fit my new home’s quality.” Looking towards the future, in five years, Stephanie hopes to be a college graduate, working in the healthcare field and travelling the world!



Alisa, 47, began with Habitat for Humanity in July of 2017. Alisa heard about Habitat from friend and fellow Habitat homeowner, Eurana. Alisa’s application was denied the first time she applied, however, she remained motivated and when she tried a second time, she was approved into Habitat’s homeownership program!

Alisa has four children: LaQuasa, 33, Andrea, 27, Andre’, 20 and Jahieum, 15. Alisa is also a proud grandmother to 10 year old, Kanea’. For the past year, Alisa has been working at Harvard Cleaning Company. In the family’s spare time, they enjoy going to concerts, basketball and baseball games. Alisa says, “My family is all very competitive with each other so we love playing sports or games together.” In her personal life, Alisa is proud to be celebrating 10 years of sobriety, reuniting with some of her family members and raising her children.

To Alisa, the word home means God, safety and family. She says, “I am 47 years old and I feel that I am truly ready to rebuild my life and have a home that is mine.” When Alisa opened her acceptance letter, she said it was a dream come true. It is her season for change and she is excited to have a better life for her children and her herself.

To the sponsors and volunteers who will help build Alisa’s family home, Alisa shared the following message: “I am truly grateful and thankful that you are taking the time to be involved in my journey to homeownership. Thank you!”

The first thing that Alisa wants to do when she moves into her Habitat home is pray over it and bless it. Looking towards the future, in five years, Alisa hopes to have started a beautiful garden in her new backyard and receive a promotion at work.


Aweys and Muslima

Aweys, 28, and his wife, Muslima, 23, began with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville in March of 2017. Aweys was born in Somalia, Muslima was born in Kenya and the family lived in a refugee camp in Kenya before moving to the United States. The couple have two children: Abaikadir, 2 years old, and Makkay, 1 years old. Aweys currently works at UPS and enjoys working alongside his co-workers. This fall, he begins at University of Louisville.

Aweys and Muslima are proud of the many accomplishments in their life, which include graduating from school, their children and their marriage. Together, the family enjoys walking to the park, going out to eat, staying home and watching television. One day, Aweys would like to learn how to drive a motorcycle and Muslima would like to learn how to roller skate. The family has dreams of travelling to London!

Aweys and Muslima wanted to become Habitat homeowners because Aweys brother and two sisters currently have Habitat homes! Aweys says, "My wife and I want a home for our children so that tehy can have a backyard to run around and play in." To Transamerica and the volunteers who will help build his family’s home, Aweys says, “Thank you very much for helping my family.” The first thing that the family wants to do when they move into their home is jump for joy!

Looking towards the future, Aweys and Muslima would like to have more children, be homeowners, and Aweys would like to receive a College degree.